Monday, September 26, 2016

Gout — a complex form of arthritis — can affect anyone. Men are more likely to get gout, but women become increasingly susceptible to gout after menopause.

An attack of gout can occur suddenly, often waking you up in the middle of the night with the sensation that your big toe is on fire. The affected joint is hot, swollen and so tender that even the weight of the sheet on it may seem intolerable.

Fortunately, gout is treatable, and there are ways to reduce the risk that gout will recur.

Joint pain is a severe, degenerative condition characterized by aggravation in the joints that causes agony and solidness. This horrible disease often causes unbearable pain, so the people who suffer from it need to manage this pain and thus incline toward routine medication.

Another common type of joint pain is osteoarthritis, which deteriorates with age and brings wear and tear throughout the years.

Fortunately, there is a DIY solution to this problem and here in this article we are also going to present you with three extra methods which are highly effective when it comes to addressing joint pain.

Homemade Recipe: Millennial Cream

For the preparation of this remedy, you would need to go to an herbalist's store and look for a plant called 'millennial flame'. Use this plant combined with about 20 grams of Vaseline, and make sure you get a homogenous mixture. Then, use this mixture by applying it on the area affected before going to sleep.

Here are three more DIY cures:

1. Cucumber Juice

Start by squeezing 150 grams of cucumber. Next, combine the cucumber juice with a glass of water, and add 75 grams of turmeric powder. Consume this drink every day before lunch so that you maximally utilize its effects.

2. Parsley Drink

Make a mixture by combining a liter of boiling water and a fistful of washed parsley. Put this mixture on heat and leave it simmer for nearly twenty minutes. Then, let it aside until it cools down, and once this mixture is cooled, have a small glass of it. Do this before each meal.

3. Turmeric

For the preparation of this natural remedy, you would need a glass of milk and a teaspoon of ground organic turmeric, as well as a little honey so that you improve the taste of the remedy.

Mix all ingredients, and that's it, your remedy is done. Take this solution three times weekly so that you alleviate the symptoms of this disease.



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